Design Resources

Google Documents

Many resources are shared as Google Docs. In order to edit them you need to save a copy to your Google account. To do this go to File then Make a copy.

Gearbox Design Calculator

Use this spreadsheet for all design calculations for robot gearboxes. The sheet is based on the JVN calculator converted to Google Sheet.
For more information on gearbox and motor calculations see: FRC Motors and Transmissions Presentation

General Design Sheet

Based on the Spectrum Design Sheet, this workbook is used for many different calculations including chain & belt center to centers.


  • Belt, Chain, and Gear C-C calculators. 
  • Simple drive train, and mechanism calculators.
  • Pneumatic cylinder base lengths, clevis, lengths and more.
  • Gas spring retracted and extended lengths.
  • Sample Module page to document your robot design variables, and decisions.
  • Drill sizes, & bolt sizes
  • Electronics status light reference

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