Week 5 Update

The build season is in full swing! For the past few weeks we have designed, manufactured, assembled, coded, and connected a lot along the way. Each of these things has presented their own challenges. Fortunately, that is no matter for team 1188! The team has been working very nicely through every obstacle we have encountered so far.

One thing we’re excited to present to everyone is the “Harvester”. We like to call it that because we think it sounds way more fun than the more common name “intake”. We’ve decided to use mecanum and omni wheels connected to a motor-driven shaft to carry balls up and over into our robot. The assembly is attached to two pneumatic pistons to deploy and retract.

The team continues to work diligently on drive train improvements, the power cell shooter, the Limelight, and other key elements. With talented students, passionate mentors, and strong team synergy, tremendous progress continues to be made.