An amazing season comes to a close

Going to States

2014 was a great season for Royal Oak Robotics. We once again fielded two teams (1188 & 3548) with two very different designs. Although both robots were great, 3548 would prove to be a very solid competitor in the competitions. In fact 3548 would win the Howell district event with there partners teams 67 & 469.


The Designs

Two very different designs began to take shape in the first week. The first design to come together was the 3548, catapult style robot with the el’ torro pickup sticks. The 1188 design took longer and went through a number of prototypes before coming together in week three of build. The 1188 robot would be a liner thrust robot capable of shooting both forward and backwards.

Qualifier #1

Our first tournament was the week 1 event at Southfield High School in late February. Both teams put up competitive numbers at the Southfield event but sadly missed the final qualifications by small margins. Both teams learned about the strengths and weaknesses of the designs and made constant improvements over the course of the competition.

Qualifier #2

In mid- March we traveled to Howell for our second tournament. Both teams showed strong improvements and were highly competitive. 1188 would struggle on Saturday as the unusually hard hitting game took it’s toll on the robot. 3548 showed continuous improvements throughout the tournament and by Saturday morning it was clear that they would be selected for a finals alliance. We wouldn’t know just how great this would work out till we became the last pick to the #1 alliance!

Qualifier #2—The Finals

After a nerve racking wait to be selected 3548 was picked by the number one alliance by it’s captain Team HOT (67).  3548 with her partners 67 & 469 would go undefeated in the finals all but securing 3548 place in the state championships.

State Championships

For the first time in several years Royal Oak Robotics, lead by team 3548, headed to the State Championships. Powered by the amazing drive team of April Sawyers and Sarah Reschke 3548 would make a very showing at States.