FRC 2018 Power up game reveal

Power up reveal 1/6/18

The RoboRavens gathered in the shop this morning for the 2018 FRC game reveal. After the reveal, the team split into four main groups: strategy, media, software, and field building. Strategy team is currently working on the logistics of the game, reading the game manual thoroughly to plan and discuss strategies. Our field building group is working on making parts and materials for our practice field. Software is installing our new updates and getting our chassis up and running with the 2018 software, and media is taking pictures and videos to record the process of this season. Everyone is working hard and getting right to work on making it a great season. 

The new game is called “Power Up”and has two alliances with three teams per alliance. Using the yellow power cubes, the objective of the game is to have ownership of the switch and the scale for as much time as possible. Using the vault you can gain power ups by exchanging power cubes to temporarily receive “boost”, “levitate”, and “force”. The final objective is to climb the scale in order to face the boss.

Power up first impressions:

Kiki Ochocki (senior): “I was really excited, it looks like it is very complicated but a lot of fun. It looks like there is going to be a lot of debriefing to figure out what truly is the best strategy is to play.”

Ben Govaere (Freshman): “Sounds really fun, its my first year and I think it seems simple but will be hard. I think we can get through it as a team and do it really well. I’ve always wanted to join robotics but I’ve never had time to so I’ll do my best. I was in robotics in 6th grade and this seems really different. I also really like programming.”


Our completed exchange game field piece
Students working on the practice field game piece
A group from our strategy team reading and discussing the game manual
The power up cube on our last years Steamworks robot


FIRST official game reveal link: