Pre-Season Update

Getting ready for kickoff!

The Robo-Ravens are currently in our pre-season getting ready for the game reveal in January. We have been working on and completing various project in preparation. One of them is our shelf organizers for our high school team and middle school teams. Many of our students have been learning to program and working hands-on on different projects. Our rookies have been learning and preparing for the 2018 robotics season!

Interview with two of our rookies:

What made you join robotics?

Nick: “I like robotics, and engineering”

What do you think about robotics so far?

Alex: “It’s really interesting and I am excited for the future.”

What is your favorite part of robotics?

Nick: “Learning about all the parts and how it all comes together”

What part of robotics are you most interested in?

Alex: “I want to work on the building and more hands-on part of the team.”

Our completed shelving project.