Racing towards the goal!

The RoboRavens have been working hard to have our bots ready for practice and for our upcoming competition. We have finished building our practice bot, though we’ve currently taken the arm assembly off and are working on the next iteration. Our current project is to work on the chassis of our competition bot as well as working on the arm.

All of our groups have been working on separate projects that will come together to help the team succeed in our race to our final goal! The programmers have been coding our practice and competition bots. Media has been working on videos, writing posts and taking pictures. A majority of our team has been working on different projects that will soon come together on our robot.

Today, students continued projects for the practice bot and our competition bot. One group of students has been cutting and measuring the metal for the elevator that will go on our competition robot. Another group is working on wiring our practice bot to have it up and running for practice driving and operating on our field.

Rachel Gollon, our t-shirt designer, has been designing and ordering our team Power up shirts !