Starting to take flight !

At the start of the week, the scale for the practice field was completed! We disassembled the chassis from our Steamworks practice robot, and started a new project to build a new and improved battery cart. A new table was also built in one of our small rooms for an exciting new arrival: a 4’x4′ CNC machine that will arrive next week. New ideas were created for scouting in the competition and further studying of the game and strategy also occurred. The programmers used the old Steamworks bot to test the new programming software, test the radio, and practice driving over the scale platform.

One of our main projects at the moment is designing our parts and materials on the computer. After designing them, we make drawings and print them out so we can and work on fabricating what we’ve designed. This has started and we are beginning to work on our robot’s drive train.



Completed CNC table