Week 2 Update

After the first two weeks of the 2020 build season, we are progressing nicely. This year the team has chosen to focus on collecting balls (“power cells”) and shooting them into the high goal, which is about nine feet off the ground.

The build team has completed the second iteration of a shooter prototype and has been testing it for function and accuracy. They’re also building a hopper feed mechanism with a focus on keeping power cells moving through without getting jammed.

Programmers are working to write code that allows the operator to change the shooter’s speed quickly on the fly for testing. In addition, they are working on motion control techniques such as PID and motion profiling for smooth and accurate autonomous modes.

Varsity letters were presented to two team members for their completion of three years with the team.

Fabrication team started cutting the robot gear plates on the CNC, and lathing gear box shafts.