Week 1 Complete!

The RoboRavens are starting this season off strong! We are working hard on our strategies and building the practice field game pieces. Starting on Monday the strategy team calculated scoring data and worked on the logistics of the game and with this they created the strategy of what the robot will be capable of doing. On Tuesday they created a list of actions the robot will be able to complete, along with the maximum time the robot can spend on such an act. This list will serve as our design requirements.

Software got our Steamworks robot working with the new code libraries, and media recorded the process we’ve made throughout the week. Another project we’ve been working on is figuring out the best wheel configuration. The field building team is currently working on the scale field piece as well as the platform. Engineering and fabrication came up with a prototype mechanism to intake power cubes. There are two parts to it, the elevator (which lifts up the arm) and the actual arm to pick up blocks.